Window Treatments

Window Treatments

WHAT IS A CUSTOM WINDOW COVERING?                                     

  • A custom window covering is a treatment for a window in a specific design — the design complements other items in the room or creates the style which other items will follow (traditional, contemporary, transitional, etc.).
  • A custom window covering is a treatment for a window in specific colors — the color coordinates and works with the overall design plan.
  • A custom window covering meets privacy and energy needs — a variety of custom products allows the degree of privacy and energy efficiency to be tailored to the individual without compromising color and design.
  • A custom window covering is made in a specific size — the treatment fits perfectly in width, length, and is in proportion to the window and the room.
  • A custom window covering is professionally installed — the proper brackets, screws and hardware are used to insure smooth operation for the normal life of the product and to insure the manufacturers warranties.






Custom Window Coverings fall into one of three categories: Hard Treatments, Soft Treatments, or Combination Treatments.

  • Hard Treatments are those items such as blinds and shades. They are usually installed inside the window, but can be mounted outside (as in the case of patio doors).
  • Soft Treatments are those items made out of fabric — draperies, valances, cornice boards, side panels, roman shades, etc. They are installed inside or outside the window, depending on the design intent.
  • Combination Treatments are the use of both hard and soft treatments on one window, such as a valance over a mini blind. It is a layered look and the most popular of treatments. It gives the home the privacy and energy controls needed and provide design and color through the use of fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Treatments

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