“Deborah Smith with Cornerstone Interiors has helped me with many features of my decorating.  She captured my style and recommended window coverings, furniture, flooring and fabric from her endless possibilities.  She was patient, and the final results were just what I wanted. Everyone with a decorating question should give Deborah a call.” ~ Bonnie Paine, Albuquerque


“I have had the pleasure to work with Deborah Smith from Cornerstone Interiors for over 5 years and my experience with her has always been great.  She is an expert in determining what will bring out the best aspects of any room.  When I sold my last house, the new owner told me that one of the reasons she bought my home was because she loved the custom interior paint colors in the living areas and also the beautiful wallpaper in my bedroom.    If you are looking for someone that you can trust, to help make your home beautiful, you cannot go wrong with Deborah Smith from Cornerstone Interiors.” ~ Ana Segura, Albuquerque

“Thank you for all your hard work and attention to my new home with your wonderful window treatments. They are all so wonderful, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. After only one appointment with you, it seemed you just “knew what I was seeing in my mind” and you picked the perfect fabric, trims, etc. Dan just installed the last of my order last week and the austrian shades are just perfect – just like frosting on the cake! I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for my sunroom!!!!!! Thanks so much.” ~ Diana Moser, Albuquerque


“Deborah Smith and I met many years ago in a business networking group, where over time I learned that not only does she handle all aspects of interior design, but she also has an extraordinary wealth of information and expertise. I always knew that if I ever bought a house that needed work, she’d be the first person I’d call. Well, I did, and soon thereafter I called!!!    I was overwhelmed with decisions! Here are just a few: Where to start? What comes first? Is this color appropriate or not? Should the carpet be here, what flooring should be there? Will it look silly to put this with that? Should this be fixed or discarded? Who do you recommend for this project? What do you suggest to solve this problem? Even though my questions poured out endlessly, she listened patiently, learning what was important to me. Deborah then provided suggestions, answers and wonderful ideas! She gave me a road map of sorts. I knew what my options were, where to start, what direction to go, and how to proceed. After our consultation I felt less apprehensive and much more confident, especially knowing she’d be available to help anytime along the way. Deborah turned what seemed (to me) to be a mountain of jumbled, daunting tasks into a project full of possibilities that would result in a pleasing, comfortable environment that I would thoroughly enjoy. Knowing I could rely on Deborah’s eye for design and years of experience made a big difference for me. Bottom line: It pays to have a professional decorator in your corner!”  ~ Evy Kimmell, Albuquerque

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